What to Expect

What to Expect

Common Questions

What can I expect when I visit?

You can expect to find a welcoming, inclusive group of people who are glad that you have come to worship with us. We are excited to have a truly multi-generational church. We have some who have been with us since the church’s founding and some who have only attended church for a few weeks. We’re not nearly as interested in where you have been as we are to where you are going.

What kind of worship services do you have?

We have an overtly blended style of worship. On most Sundays you will hear at least 1 or 2 current songs that you have just heard on Christian radio, but you may also hear hymns that you sang when you were a child. We have a full band with orchestral instruments as well. We have a Worship Leader and Praise Team, while we also have a more traditional choir. Bottom line- our primary concern is not style but content and that you experience the presence of God in a fresh and tangible way.

Where should I park & what entrance should I use?

While we have parking on all sides of our building, if you are visiting with us, we have reserved visitor parking in our front lot near the main entrance to the foyer and Worship Center. Our primary lot is located off of Garland Drive and there will be parking attendants there to direct you. Especially on your first visit, it would be best to use the main entrance off of Garland Drive. You will see a double-door with a covered porch that leads into our main foyer. There you will find a Welcome Center and several people from our welcome team that will direct you.

How should I dress for Sunday service?

Most people dress more casually in our worship services, but you are welcome to wear whatever is comfortable for you because our church is not about what you look like or what you wear. Some may wear a coat and tie, while others may wear jeans and a t-shirt. We are concerned about who you are on the inside and that you have a memorable and meaningful worship experience while you are with us.

What about my children?

The family is a primary focus of Calvary Baptist Church. We believe that one of our primary responsibilities is to strengthen the home. We desire to partner with parents as they raise their children to honor and serve the Lord Jesus.

We have a vibrant Children’s Ministry that provides great learning opportunities in “Children’s Church” for your children while you are in the worship service. Children 3-5 attend “LIL KICS” in Kidz Town while children in grades K-3 attend “BIG KICS” in our CrossTown area.”

What Bible version do you use?

Thanks to great research from great minds, there are several translations of the Bible that are good to read and study for everyone - no matter your age or schooling. Our Lead Pastor primarily preaches from the ESV (English Standard Version.)

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us