CBC Family Adopt a 2020 Graduate

CBC Family Adopt a 2020 Graduate


Please note that we are extending this for another week to allow CBC Family to have time to adopt a senior. 

Even though things are quite different this year for our graduating class of 2020, we would like to bless them, and we need your help.

We would like to express our love and encouragement to our graduates. Would you be willing to adopt a graduate for the week of May 25- May 31? (CBC Staff will cover May 31)

Here is how it works…

-Adopt a graduate- once you let us know you would like to participate, we will assign you a graduate to bless. (We want to make sure each graduate gets adopted at least once, but we are praying for lots of participants.)


Calvary Family Sponsors On…

-Day 1: Motivational Monday- May 25: Send a positive message to your graduate.

-Day 2: Tasty Tuesday- May 26: send $5 to your graduate so that they can get a sweet treat after the bans are lifted, and they can get out.

-Day 3: Wisdom Wednesday- May 27: Share a piece of wisdom or advice with your graduate.

-Day 4: Tomorrow Thursday- May 28: Encourage your graduate about their future.

-Day 5: Fun Friday- May 29: Reveal yourself to your graduate & share with them the fun you had celebrating them!


CBC Staff (only)…

-Day 7: Super Sunday- May 31: Church Family will acknowledge the graduates on Sunday and pray for them to have a super life in Christ.

Individuals OR families can adopt a graduate. If this is something that you would like to do, please let us know by responding by email to cbcreceptionist@gmail.com before May 18.

Then, you will be contacted on May 20  with your graduate’s name, address & parent’s contact number.