Called by God to Become His Disciple and Carry His Message


Worship Team

We have a thriving worship team in which we embrace a multitude of music genres. We do offer a “blended” worship style that hovers between contemporary and modern. Every Sunday morning worship services will feature drums, multiple guitars and keyboards while also including instruments like flute, saxophone, mandolin, and violin on most Sundays. Additionally, we have a large choir that sings most every week in our corporate worship time.

Passion Play

Calvary Baptist Church is known across this entire area for its annual Passion Play, typically done during the Palm Sunday weekend. There are typically 4 performances during the week with thousands of people in attendance. It is a full-scale dramatic production including full-costuming, lights, sound, music and drama that would rival any local theatre to the glory of God. It is a true ministry and blessing that the church is able to reach out to the community through such a medium as this.