Pastoral Council / Finance Committee

Pastoral Council / Finance Committee

  • Pastoral Council 

The Pastoral Council will be a special appointed group of men who will be biblical overseers for the spiritual and moral care of the Church. They will assume the role of servants of God who consistently seek direction for the Church from the Lord through prayer and diligent study of the Bible while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and maturity before God. This Pastoral Council will represent the Church by maintaining authority and walking in accountability with the Pastoral Staff. They will oversee in practical matters by recommending Church policy, exercising loving biblical discipline according to Matthew 18:15-18, delegating responsibility and authority, settling disputes, resolving conflicts, especially as related to financial and personnel matters, recommending adjustments and changes to the Church organization while seeking the counsel and assistance of committees, officers, and ministry leaders in the decision making process (Proverbs 11:14). The Pastoral Council shall have oversight of all committees and officers elected by the congregation to aid the Pastoral Council in the governmental and administrative duties of the Church. They will endeavor to keep unity in the Body of Christ and allow the autonomous Church to function in victory and freedom. Church order is maintained because a centralized authority is established and recognized by the body resulting in the following:

  • Unified vision
  • Accountable leadership
  • Shared responsibility for the equipping of the saints
  • Restorative Church discipline
  • Provide oversight and guidance to all committees and ministries of the Church

Members of the Pastoral Council: Chairman – Rick Ellinger; Vice Chairman – Doug Campbell; Justin Hoy – Secretary; John Hartless; Jon Cromer; Bobby Sims & Tony Heflin

  • Budget/ Finance

This Committee shall consist of 8 members, 2 of whom shall be elected annually for a term of four years. 

  • To present a proposed budget to the Church at the November business meeting.
  • To maintain a constant study of the financial needs of all organizations and phases of the Church work throughout the year, and be responsible for leading the Church in a progressive and adequate financial program.
  • To act on routine and minor financial matters not budgeted and make recommendations to the Church on all major financial matters
  • To allow the Chairman to appoint a sub-committee of three members to audit the Church Treasurer’s books annually. 

Members of the Budget / Finance Committee: John Hartless; Larry Roller; Sarah Plemmons; Robin Gilbert; Hunter Crosby; Kirk Quillen; Bill Henry & Ken Cleveland